11 Nearby Hiking Trails In Johor For Singaporeans To Explore If MacRitchie Is No Kick For You

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Hiking trails in Johor 

Nothing quite beats the feeling of hiking to a summit and being rewarded by a panoramic view of rolling hills. For all those who have checked off everything on our little red dot, from Mount Faber to the hidden “Avatar trees” trek, it’s time to look across the border, at Johor’s range of hills and mountains.

They’re more challenging than Singapore’s with expansive national parks, waterfall trails, and rope climbs. If you’re up for a push, pack your hiking shoes, grab a big bottle of water and skedaddle across the causeway. There are plenty of peaks ranging from 180m to 1,200m high waiting to be explored.

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1. Bukit Mor – Sprawling views of a nearby black lake 

244m high, 2-hour from JB CIQ 

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