11 Best Murtabak Stalls To Satisfy Your Cravings, Including Ultimate Power Murtabak And More 

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Best murtabak in Singapore

While roti prata is highly regarded as one of Singapore’s beloved national dishes, murtabak is almost just as popular. For the uninitiated, it’s like prata, but stuffed with savoury minced meat and egg, served with curry gravy. There are also sweet murtabak, though these are less commonly found here. Whichever it is you’re looking for, here’s our guide to 11 best murtabak stalls in Singapore

1. Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

Image credit: @victor.chiam_ig

Open around the clock daily, Julaiha Muslim Restaurant is a supper spot you should definitely try. The 10-minute walk from Tai Seng MRT Station is worth it when you finally dig into their murtabak, which reviews have commended for its consistent quality.

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