100kg Catfish Caught In Spain River, Fisherman Releases Monster Catch After Snapping Photo

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Fisherman Catches 100kg Catfish In Spain River & Releases It

On a tiny island city like Singapore, anglers may not get many chances to catch large fish.

Meanwhile, in Spain, a fisherman made the catch of his career when a monster catfish took his bait.

After some commemorative photos with the 100kg giant, he released it back into the wild.

Fisherman catches 100kg catfish in River Ebro in Spain

On 15 Feb, a fisherman, Ditch Ballard, shared about his monster catch on Facebook.

While fishing for carps along River Ebro in Spain, he caught a giant Wels catfish instead.

Larger than most men, the catfish weighed 100kg and measured over 2.5 metres in length.

To make things more impressive, Mr Ballard shared that conditions were less than ideal when he pursued his catch.

Took him an hour to wrestle the fish

According to the seasoned angler, it was a chilly January night when the catfish decided to take his bait.

When he realised that he might have caught a catfish, Mr Ballard hopped on his boat and gave chase.

The giant fish reportedly pulled the boat for about 1km before Mr Ballard decided to reel it in.

“Each time the fish ran, I nearly lost a digit,” he shared.

“It was the biggest battle of my fishing career, yet I wouldn’t wish it on anyone”.

Angler eventually releases monster catfish


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