10 Unique Mooncake Flavours To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival—Hokkaido Strawberry Mousse, Black Sesame And More

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Unique mooncake flavours to suit your vibe

We are finally easing back to normalcy, so this year’s Mid-Autumn festival definitely has to be extra special. Pack that dining table with Chinese pu’er tea, fruits, nuts, and of course, a platter of carefully curated mooncakes. 

Whether you’re a traditionalist, collector, or adventurer, here’s a plethora of unique mooncake flavours you can choose from to immaculately match your vibes. Fortune favours all UOB Cardmembers. Enjoy up to 35% off your mooncake orders featured in the list below!

1. Sakura Milk Tea Snowskin

Image credit: Wah Lok Chinese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel Singapore

Almost too pretty to be eaten is the Mini Sakura Milk Tea Snowskin ($80 for eight pieces) mooncakes from Wah Lok Chinese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel Singapore. This cherry blossom-infused sweet treat comes with an aromatic milk tea lotus paste peppered with crunchy chocolate bits and a chocolate truffle in the middle. Also available are their unique Mini Walnut Moontart with Egg Yolk ($80 for eight pieces), a nutty take on a traditional lotus paste and salted yolk mooncake.

Walk in or purchase online before 12 August with your UOB Cards to make use of the 30% off, or enjoy a 25% off ...

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