10 Unique Kopi Stalls In Singapore With Espresso-Based Kopi, Specialty Lattes And More

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Unique kopi stalls in Singapore

Usually, a kopi stall stopover sees standard, familiar brews, including a no-frills cup of kopi, robust kopi-o, or sweet and milky kopi-c. Beyond the realm of the ordinary, a new breed of kopi stalls has emerged, pushing the boundaries of what local coffee can be. From aromatic espresso-based concoctions to specialty lattes that rival their cafe counterparts, these 10 unique kopi stalls in Singapore promise a fresh and flavourful twist on your daily caffeine fix. 

10 Best Kopi Stalls in Singapore Ranked, Including One With 58 Years Of History

1. Star Coffee

Image credit: Star Coffee

This TikTok-viral hawker stall at Bukit Merah Central Hawker Centre is famous for using an espresso machine to brew their kopi. Mr Loh, the stall owner, prepares the coffee grounds using an electric coffee bean grinder, before pulling each shot with an espresso machine. A cup of their Signature Coffee will set you back $2.20.

Here, you can choose your preferred level of sweetness for your perfect cuppa: Sweet, More Sweet, or Less Sweet. Besides kopi, Star Coffee also sells Mocha ($2.50), as well as non-caffeinated beverages including Hot Chocolate ($2.20)

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