10 Things To Do In Bugis For Group Outings – Game Cafe, Rooftop Prawning & Arcades

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Things to do in Bugis

If you and your friends live at opposite ends of the East-West Line, Bugis is certainly one of your most-visited spots – after all, it’s right smack-bang in the middle of Singapore. There’s an endless slew of bargain deals in Bugis Street and it’s also the perfect spot to while away a lazy weekend in one of their many cafes along Haji Lane.

But eating and shopping aren’t the only activities available here. From rooftop prawning to getting your fortune read, here are the best things to do in Bugis:

1. Make unique art using science at Motion Art Space

You don’t need to be Picasso or Da Vinci to create art. Heck, all you really need are some paint and science to create your very own masterpiece at Motion Art Space.

At this art jamming studio, you’ll swing squeeze bottles of paint over a blank canvas, then let the laws of gravity and physics take over. The end results are random swirls that are unique each time. To elevate your work of art, you can opt to spin the canvas as the paint falls or even use a hairdryer to create paint splatters for a more avant garde look.


From $69/pax for a 40cm x 60cm canvas

36A Arab Street, Level 2, Singapore 199735

Opening Hours:

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