10 Tau Suan Stalls In Singapore To Enjoy This Traditional Teochew Dessert

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Tau suan in Singapore

Tau suan always holds a special place in my heart, especially if I’m having it on a rainy day. Although the eternal summer in Singapore means it’s often too hot for a warm dessert, it doesn’t stop many of us from indulging in this sticky sweet dessert. So, if you’re looking for a round-up of where to get your fix, here are 10 tau suan places for you to check out!

1. Zheng Xing Desserts

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Zheng Xing Desserts is famous for its very short menu of just four items, which has remained the same since they first opened in 2003. That, and the fact that they’re only open on four days of the week. Currently helmed by a second-generation hawker, they are especially known for their Tau Suan ($1.80), which is generously studded with split mung beans that are cooked with just the right amount of bite.

Besides their tau suan, you can also get Green Bean Soup ($1.80) that you’re meant to stir coconut cream into, for a richer dessert. They’ve also got Bubur Terigu ($1.80), a lesser known dessert, and Pulut Hitam ($1.80), which they add longan into!

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