10 Scenic Adventures In Cairns For Nature Lovers, Like Waterfall Canyoning & Visiting Secret Islands

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Scenic adventures & things to do in Cairns

Mention Australia and its urban cities immediately come to mind. But the country has more to offer than just a concrete jungle. Adventurers seeking thrilling things to do can journey to Cairns where they have myriad activities to choose from in the quaint city and the outback surrounding it.

So whether you’re an avid hiker who wants to conquer the world’s tallest natural “pyramid” or a thrillseeker who dares to get up close and personal with crocodiles, these 10 adventures in Cairns would be up your alley. Don’t forget your cameras as the views from these locales are a sight for sore eyes.

P.S. Singapore Airlines is kicking off VTL flights to Cairns 3 times a week from 28th March onwards, and this will go up to 5 times a week from 30th May.

1. Go canyoning down the Behana Gorge

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