10 Most Scenic Train Rides In Japan With Jaw-Dropping Sakura Views & Autumn Foliage Included

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Best scenic train rides in Japan

Think about trains in Japan and the first thing that’ll come to mind is probably the Shinkansen, or bullet train. But that’s not the only way to explore this diverse country by rail. In fact, you can even choo-choo through the various scenic train rides in Japan on a steam locomotive for your next chill-on-wheels trip. 

We’ve got bullet trains whizzing you through modern marvels, nostalgic chuggers taking you back in time, and everything in between. These promise a blend of cultural goodness and scenery so jaw-dropping, you’ll need a full-battery-camera ready. 

1. Hankyu Railway – Glimpse of famous shrines in Osaka & Kyoto

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