10 Food Places With Unique Plant-Based Dishes, Including Unagi Don And Crispy Fried ‘Chicken’

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Plant-based dishes made with Hoshay

Whether you’re trying to go vegetarian or consume less meat, here’s something worth checking out. Homegrown food manufacturer Hoshay has collaborated with various dining establishments across the island, bringing to you delicious plant-based and meat-free delights packed with plant protein. We’ve curated a list of 10 food places to head to! 

1. Tonichi Tsukemen 

You don’t have to miss out on your ramen fix even if you’re going meat-free. Ramen restaurant Tonichi Tsukemen has a lineup of vegetarian-friendly mains and sides that feature Hoshay’s range of products. Enjoy the Veggie Tsukemen with Plant-based Unagi (from $15.50++): cold handmade noodles topped with tamago and a slab of teriyaki-glazed ‘unagi’ that’s charred like the real deal. This hearty dish also comes with a side of broth that’s thick and flavourful. Alternatively, go for the Plant-based Unagi Don ($10.90++) if you prefer rice.

For a delicious side worth sharing, order the Plant-based Chicken Kaarage (from $10.95++). This crispy fried ‘chicken’ is made of tofu skin , and seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices. 

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