10 Craziest Things To Do In Australia For Those Who’d Like To YOLO In The Great Outdoors

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Crazy outdoor things to do in Australia

When it comes to letting loose on vacation in Australia, there are usually 2 types of people: the one who eats, sleeps, and repeats, hard. And then there’s the other who constantly needs to dive off cliffs and swim with sharks. 

Here are 10 for the latter. While these crazy outdoor activities may not kill you, they might seem so when you take the plunge into a dark sinkhole, dive into a pool of crocodiles, and twist upside down on a zipline track.

1. Cage swim with great white sharks

Yes, we’ve binge-watched Jaws a hundred times and know Baby Sharks lyrics like the back of our hands. But when it comes to getting up close and personal with actual sharks, we might sit that one out. You, however, can hit up any shark swim tours at Port Lincoln for this jaw-some experience.

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