10 Common Travel Mistakes Singaporeans Make That Low-Key Sabo Your Holiday

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Common travel mistakes that Singaporeans make

You’ve been planning that dream vacay all year, painstakingly filling out your itinerary to the nines. Given how much effort you’ve exerted – not to mention the costs involved – you wanna make sure that everything goes smoothly. But even the best plans can go awry.

Missed flights aside, you may find yourself caught in a sticky situation when you have no access to local data, absentmindedly packing big bottles of liquids or Swiss army knives in your carry-on, or even failing to check emails from your airlines. To save yourself the grief of sabo-ed holiday plans, here are some common travel mistakes to avoid.

1. Going to the airport only 2 hours early during peak seasons

“Aiya, don’t need to go so early lah! So kiasu for what?” Sounds familiar? We all have that one friend or family member who detests heading out to the airport “too early.” As it turns out, there is plenty of merit to heading over to the airport significantly ahead of time – especially during peak travel seasons.

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