10 Christmas Dinner Deliveries For All Your Party Needs—Roast Turkey, Ham And More

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Christmas dinner deliveries and takeaways 2022

Christmas is knocking at the door, and with that means plenty of feasting incoming. Whether you’re a host looking to save time, shopping for an office party, or just wanting to bring something to a potluck, check out our list of Christmas dinner takeaways and deliveries for all your party needs! We’ve got you covered for log cakes, roast meats, turkey deliveries, and beyond, with early bird discount lobangs to boot.

1. Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen

If you’re planning for a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast and you’re immensely pressed for time, turn to Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen for their selection of roasted meats, all served hot to your doorstep so you can dig in straight away, no reheating needed. The Perfect Roast Turkey ($129.90 – $149.90) is a must-order. The Christmas centrepiece stars a whole 4.5kg award-winning turkey, raised on organic feed for extra-juicy meat, and roasted to golden brown ends. Served with chestnut stuffing, each slice of turkey is moist and well-seasoned.

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