10 Best Teh Stalls In Singapore Ranked, With Masala Tea, Teh Tarik And More

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Best teh in Singapore

Not too long ago, my colleague went on a hunt for the best traditional kopi in Singapore. While kopi is almost vital for me to get through the day, teh is just as important to me. To do the drink justice, we scoured the entire city to find the best places to get it, including well-known coffee shops, hidden gems, and more. After exactly 40 cups of different tea that led with upset stomachs, we’ve come up with a ranked list of the 10 best teh stalls in Singapore!

The criteria

Before I delve into the stalls, here’s my criteria for determining a good cup of teh:

Ratio: Depending on the drink, it shouldn’t be overly sweet or milky. The ratio of tea to condensed or evaporated milk and sugar should be well-balanced. Taste: It should not be too diluted. We should still be able to discern the tea’s floral or aromatic qualities. The final drink shouldn’t be too acidic or bitter either. Value: Affordable and/or reasonably priced—better if it’s $1.50 and below.

We ordered four drinks at each stall: Teh O, Teh C Siu Dai, Teh Peng, and a specialty tea. For stalls that didn’t have any specialty tea, we went with a standard cup of teh.

10. Bhai Sarbat

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