10 Best Kaya In Singapore Ranked, Including A 98-Year-Old Bakery Brand

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Best kaya in Singapore

I love kaya. I have it almost every day. Besides it being one of my favourite local foods, kaya toast has seen me through many childhood breakfasts and post-mugging suppers. There’s just something about having freshly toasted bread with a thick slab of jam flavoured with pandan and coconut milk that makes it so addictive.

There are two main types of kaya: Hainanese kaya and Nyonya kaya. Hainanese kaya is made using caramelised sugar and is typically brown in colour because of that. As for Nyonya kaya AKA pandan kaya, it’s most recognisable for its green shade that comes from the pandan leaves it’s made from.

Being one of the few people in Eatbook who can spend a whole day trying 10 different kinds of kaya without getting sick of it, I’ve painstakingly curated this list of best kaya brands in Singapore. This list features kaya from traditional coffeeshops, artisanal brands, and supermarket brands.

The criteria

Before deciding on the best kaya brand in Singapore, I came up with four different categories to help make this challenging decision a little less difficult.

Sweetness: Is the sweetness level of the kaya just nice? Is it too sweet, or does it need more sugar? Texture: The kaya should be smooth and creamy, yet thin enough to spread. Fragrance: Hainanese kaya should have well-balanced flavours of coconut and caramelised sugar, while Nyonya kaya should have the distinct aroma of pandan. When prepared with the right balance of ingredients, both types of kaya should not taste too eggy....

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