MOVE®-C cervical artificial disc prosthesis

NONNWEILER, SAARLAND, GERMANY, September 11, 2023/ -- NGMedical GmbH, a medical device manufacturer exclusively focused on creating innovative technologies for spinal application, announces 1,000 implantations of its MOVE®-C cervical artificial disc replacement.

After receiving CE approval end of December 2019, the MOVE®-C cervical artificial disc replacement established well in the market. The unique viscoelastic design of MOVE®-C with proven physiological motion sets the basis for its strong market acceptance.

MOVE®-C combines the features of a second-generation viscoelastic disc prosthesis with the simple implantation technique of a cervical cage. The prosthesis offers physiological motion in all 6 planes including axial damping with progressive resistance to motion. MOVE®-C is the first prosthesis with additively manufactured titanium endplates and avoids the use of PE.

“We are very proud of achieving the milestone of 1,000 implantations with our MOVE®-C cervical artificial disc replacement after such a short time. The number of implantations shows the great demand for a safe and biomechanically convincing cervical artificial disc replacement. We are excited and convinced to further expand our footprint in the cervical artificial disc replacement market.” says Peter Weiland, CEO of NGMedical.

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